May Updates

Here’s a rundown of a few highlights from a busy May we’ve had as a city:


  1. 56th and Foxridge asphalt – passed May 20
  2. 51st and Lamar stormwater backup repair – passed May 203. *Lamar Ave. UBAS surface treatment and bike lane addition project underway*


  1. Rock Creek Channel improvement between Nall and Roeland project underway – passed May 20


I presented the following ideas which were discussed favorably to promote voter engagement at the May 6, 2020 committee meetings:

  1. Promote the mail-in ballot applications that Johnson County elections plan to mail to every JoCo voter.
  2. Put voter registration information permanently in each issue of the Mission magazine.
  3. Develop a resolution (to be unveiled at a future date) to encourage greater voter turnout in the city, potentially including something fun like a Ward competition.


  1. Today at 6:30 we will have our first city council work session on the 2021 budget where we will go through revenue projections in light of the pandemic.
  2. We recently passed our 2019 Audit where we received an award for accounting excellence. As your council member, I’ll treat the budget process with the seriousness and stewardship it deserves.

COVID-19 Updates

  1. On May 13 we passed a special reopening plan that follows the Governor’s Ad Astra plan with some city-specific modifications. The screenshot gives you a rundown from that meeting on the outline of that plan.
  2. We have a special city council meeting tomorrow night at 5:30 to discuss the reopening of the community center based on recommendations put forward by our Parks and Recreation staff.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. *. *. * * *

All of these meetings and deliberations are available on the calendar. We have a deliberative, intelligent body that asks thoughtful questions. The May 6 committee meetings were a 4+ hour conversation around many of the items that eventually were passed above.

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