April 15 City Council Notes

I wanted to share a few non-COVID-19 decisions coming out of last night’s council meeting:

  • We voted to proceed with a street resurfacing project spanning Lamar Avenue from Foxridge Drive down to Shawnee Mission Parkway. Lamar is the main artery through Ward 1 and Mission and I will be happy to see this project completed.
  • This project will create bike lanes on Lamar Avenue! This is something I heard a lot of people talk about during my campaign and I was happy to join the rest of my colleagues to push this across the finish line.
  • Based on the information I know right now, this project will start in May and should last around three months for the resurfacing. The bike lane application portion will follow suit upon the completion of the resurfacing project.

A couple of final thoughts: this project involves city, county (Johnson County CARS), and federal (Safe Routes to Schools) dollars. Our city staff had to navigate special coordination and contracting requirements across the three layers of government to make this work. It is yet another reminder that local government matters and I am happy the county has partial reimbursement programs in place like CARS to help us get necessary work completed.

– Trent

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